Add a Custom Task:

1. Start here within your LeavePlan module:

2. Enter details about your task:

3. Save your Task, and you're all set!

  • Your task will now appear in your LeavePlan
  • Reminders will be sent for this task based on your preferences

Reschedule a Task or Add A Reminder:

You can also update your LeavePlan with options for Rescheduling tasks and Adding Reminders so you can stay on track! 

1. Within your LeavePlan Module, go to any task and click on the ... icon, as seen here:

2. Choose to Reschedule or Add a Reminder:

   *Reschedule option available for recommended & info only task types

3. Complete your preference! From here you can:

  • Update the Task Due Date
  • Add a Reminder notification

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