Phillips 66 makes family leave planning easy with an online Parental Planning Tool that includes step-by-step guidance throughout the process of planning, taking and returning from leave with key details about benefits available to you and your growing family.

To request a parental planning tool account contact HR Connections at 855-480-6634.

Once you receive your account activation link (via email), click to access your account and take next steps in your LeavePlan.

Within your parental planning tool account you can access your personalized LeavePlan with details about your plans, benefits, important next steps and key information, including the following modules:

  • Dashboard

  • LeavePlan (Tasks & Calendar)

  • Benefits

  • Planning Guide(s)

  • Settings, etc....

Your Dashboard displays your various leave Milestone Dates and how your paid and job protected leave benefits coordinate during your leave. Clicking on the Benefit titles within the leave component bars on the Dashboard will allow you to view more details about each specific benefit program.

Your LeavePlan (Tasks & Calendar) offers a Task List and traditional Calendar view of your Leave, including to-do items and associated due dates for important tasks, as well as job protected and paid time off leave details.

You can also toggle to view your tasks in either view using the icons in the top left -

Benefits offers a one-stop module for viewing and understanding the various standard and voluntary benefit programs available to you to provide support during your leave. Benefits are grouped by useful Themes for easy navigation, or can be viewed in List view -

Your Planning Guide module includes additional programs, articles and expert resources that may be applicable to your leave. Here you may find best-practices for preparing for leave, lactation related resources, etc. Planning Guides are optional and allow you to customize your LeavePlan to fit your needs.

Access your Profile Settings at anytime from your Profile Menu to:

  • Update your personal information

  • Update key milestone dates

  • Share your LeavePlan with your Supervisor

  • Change your notification settings

  • Invite others to have read-only access to your LeavePlan or to receive a copy of your email notification reminders


  • For questions about the parental planning tool contact HR Connections at 855-480-6634 or visit the Phillips 66 Total Rewards website for further resources.

  • For technical or application related questions - You can reach an application specialist from directly within your account or email

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