Taking a leave of absence should be simple. That’s why we’ve created a guide designed to help you navigate and understand the leave process and simplify your experience using LeaveLogic. Read more to learn about taking a leave of absence through LeaveLogic, terms and phrases related to leave planning, and more.

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LeaveLogic FAQs

What is LeaveLogic?

LeaveLogic is a leave-planning tool designed to empower employees to confidentially navigate and plan the best leave scenario for their unique situation. Our tool provides education, guidance, and assistance as you learn about benefits specific to your unique and individual leave of absence. Think of us as your personal, private leave consultant.

After you set up your profile, we take your information and create a LeavePlan that includes a dashboard that shows information on each benefit you are potentially eligible for, a timeline, and key tasks for you to complete. These items will provide step-by-step guidance for a successful leave of absence experience.

What is a leave planning tool?

A leave-planning tool is used to educate and assist you with understanding employer, state, and/or federal benefits that may be available to you as you prepare to take a leave of absence.

How do I access LeaveLogic?

You can access LeaveLogic through your company’s specific LeaveLogic URL, which is usually formatted as youremployername.leavelogic.com. If your company has activated our single sign-on (SSO) feature, you may be able to access LeaveLogic after logging into your company’s internal benefits site.

Does LeaveLogic administer my leave benefits?

No, LeaveLogic is a planning tool and does not determine your eligibility of benefits.

LeaveLogic also does not have records of prior leave history.

If I create a profile or LeavePlan within LeaveLogic, will this automatically file my leave of absence request with my employer or third-party leave administrator?

No, your LeavePlan is confidential and is designed for your personal leave of absence planning. LeaveLogic does not directly process leave claims, but may be integrated with a leave administrator to streamline the leave claims process.

How is a LeavePlan different from a leave claim?

An employee can create a LeaveLogic LeavePlan prior to a life event, such as pregnancy, or once an event has occurred.

What does it mean when I see multiple benefits in my Dashboard view that overlap or cover the same period of time?

In your Dashboard, you will find that some benefits are only available during times of disability, while others are available only for bonding, adoption, foster care, or to care for a disabled family member.

Benefits usually can’t be stacked back-to-back to obtain a longer leave period (i.e., using one benefit to maximum amount available and then begin the next and use it to the maximum amount available). 

Instead, most times benefits will run concurrently, or at the same time, and work together to provide you job protection and/or income replacement. When paid benefits run concurrently, it does not mean that you will get more than 100 percent of your salary. In most cases, one benefit will offset the amount you can receive from other benefits.

Leave of Absence FAQs

What is a leave of absence? 

A leave of absence occurs when an employee takes an extended period of job-protected time away from work. This leave can be either paid or unpaid, and it can be taken for several employee-related reasons.

What is leave administration?

Leave administration is a process that involves 

  • gathering information related to taking a leave of absence,

  • submitting your documentation to a leave administrator, 

  • a leave administrator reviewing your request and determining if you are eligible for any/all available benefits, and 

  • a leave administrator approving or denying those benefits or marking them as pending.

This is usually handled by your employer or a third-party vendor hired by your employer (i.e. Unum, Lincoln Financial, Voya, Guardian, Cigna, etc).

Will my leave administrator administer my leave benefits in the same way I have planned my leave?

Your leave administrator will determine your eligibility of benefits. If you are eligible, you should be able to take your leave as you have planned.

It’s important to note that LeaveLogic does not determine if you are eligible for benefits.

What is the difference between a “paid benefit” and a “job protection benefit”?

Paid benefits are generally products or services with a monetary attachment to them. Examples of benefits are things like health insurance, paid time off, and disability benefits. All of these have a monetary benefit to you as an employee. 

Benefits that offer job protection are policies that provide you safeguards with your employer. These protections can be federal mandates such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), state mandates like the California Family Rights Act, or policies your employer provides that will guarantee job protection. 

Job protection policies are designed to allow you to take a leave of absence for certain life events, if eligible, without having to worry about job security. Some job-protected policies may or may not provide salary reimbursement or specific monetary benefit to you.

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