The Task items found within your LeavePlan have been curated to apply to your leave type and location, and customized to help you navigate planning, leave and return on your timeline. Your Tasks will prompt you to complete required actions when they are due and will provide suggestions to you of other Tasks that may be either recommended or helpful for your situation. 

The Task items are categorized by Essential, Recommended and Informational.  You are further able to customize your Tasks based on your personal preferences through filtering, hiding, changing Task timing, and adding your own Tasks. Make sure to mark Tasks complete when you finish them to keep your Task list relevant.  

Navigating Your Task List

To find your Task items, go to the LeavePlan tab located on the top LeaveLogic menu bar.

From here, you may select how you would like to visualize your Tasks by toggling to your preferred view - Calendar, Timeline, or Checklist.

Each Task will provide you with instructions and/or information pertaining to your specific leave of absence when you click on the blue hyperlink.

Tip: Make sure to mark your Tasks complete by clicking the circle to the left of the Task title to keep your Task list relevant and up-to-date.

Filtering Your Tasks

You can filter your Tasks in the left menu bar by either checking or unchecking the type of Task(s) you would like to visualize. Essential Tasks are actions that you are required to complete to either plan, request, take or return from a leave of absence. Recommended Tasks are not required, but will likely be helpful, for instance pointing you to resources you may not have been aware of. Informational Tasks are optional and are there to provide you additional support.

Hiding Tasks and Adding Reminders

LeaveLogic allows you to Hide Tasks or Add a Reminder to Tasks that changes their timing.  From the Timeline or Checklist views, click on the three dots to the right of each Task item. From the Calendar view, click on a Task date to highlight the Task(s), and then click the three dots to the right to Hide or Add a Reminder to your Task.

Adding Your Own Tasks

You can further customize your LeavePlan by adding your own Tasks. Click Add Task just under the view selection in the left navigation bar. You can Name your Task, Set a Due Date and a Reminder, and add a Description to include any details that will help you complete your Task in the future.

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